Sunday, 1 December 2013

Countdown Promotion for 'My Grandfather's Eyes'

'My Grandfather's Eyes' is a book that I feel very pleased to have written.  On re-reading it recently, I was surprised how single-minded I had made Alex and how much I had made her suffer, too.  Some people have said that she is egotistical, self-obsessed, even evil!  And yet, it is clear that she has caught the imagination of my readers, who also describe her story as riveting.  

She is not a conventional protagonist, certainly.  Her story is that of a young woman of unusual appearance, who discovers that there is more to her family history than meets the eye.  The people who surround her are not all they seem, and she is drawn into a world of secrets that will ultimately change her life.

I have the greatest respect for Alex, even though she may seem cold, even ruthless at times.  She is an intriguing character, who learns quickly and adapts to what is possible in a world where what we want is generally conditional on the wishes of other people.  While her aspirations may not always be attainable, she is an intelligent and pro-active human being, who will always find a way forward.  

Is Alex Crane evil?  I'll let you decide.

'My Grandfather's Eyes' will be listed in the Amazon Countdown promotion from 3rd - 6th December, at a starting price of 99p/$0.99.  Just click on the link to read the sample chapters:

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  1. Oooh no!, not another book I HAVE to read….but I will, I'm sure!