Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Wet flowers.  Wet lawn.  Bad weather in France this week has been a bonus.  No lounging about for me, working on my tan.  I've been hard at work, as usual, writing.

On the back burner - my short story collection.  Waiting for bits of feedback and then I'll get back to them.  Problem is, there are always some that I feel more happy with than others.  Resist the temptation to publish too soon, Ms Spicer.  And how many short stories make a satisfying collection?  Don't want to short change my readers.  I have nine.  I like the idea of an odd number.  There are three others ready to go, but these are more murder mysteries and I'm reluctant to put them with 'Strings, and other disturbing tales', which tends towards the bizarre and the chilling, in terms of genre.

In the meantime - fully involved and struggling (in a wonderful way) with my new characters in my new book.  No proper title yet.  Just about at the stage where all my balls are in the air, so to speak, and I'm plotting and re-plotting where they might fall.  Always happens at around 30,000 words. Jack is key.  He's got to be balanced perfectly to intrigue and infuriate.  Maurice is elaborate and ambiguous, a real mind-bender.  Vera, a story teller, and one of my favourites, takes the reins, travelling into a past so beautiful and full of promise.  Jess.  Now, Jess is the one who will deliver a bit of a twist, I suspect, although at this stage I couldn't say for sure what she might decide to do.

Exciting stuff.

If you liked 'My Grandfather's Eyes' or 'A Good Day for Jumping' I think you will love this latest offering when, eventually, it is ready for your scrutiny. 

And to finish, I remain, as always, infinitely grateful for your comments and reviews, whether in depth commentaries or simple assessments. 

So, another 500 words before lunch and then, if it stops raining, some plotting and planting in the garden. 

Happy days. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

 Special deals on my books 10th - 15th April

I'm offering some free and discounted deals on most of my books.  Why?  Because I hope you will download and enjoy them, perhaps leave a review and maybe recommend one to a friend. 

Ebooks are always going to be cheaper than paperbacks, but I'm committed to getting all my work into print this year so that those readers who do like to turn the pages will still be able to enjoy my writing and pass books on to their friends.  

In the pipeline?  A new book of disturbing short stories.  Very nearly ready for publication, so be prepared for a whole new genre.  Some of you may know that I'm very interested in astronomy and all the physics that goes with it, so, if you like a bit of science fiction, you might enjoy the title story 'Strings'.  It's a bit of a shocker.

In the meantime, please help yourself to some bargain reading.  There are plenty of reviews on Amazon if you would like to do a bit of investigation first.  Simply use the direct links to Amazon in the right-hand margin of this blog page to any of my books that take your fancy.

Bon appetit!

One Summer in France: two girls in a tent (a Bev and Carol adventure)                   FREE
Bunny on a Bike: Playboy croupiers in 80s London (a Bev and Carol adventure)       99p
Stranded in the Seychelles: teachers in paradise (a Bev and Carol adventure)         £1.99
My Grandfather's Eyes: psychological drama/suspense                                          FREE
The Undertaker's Son: mystery and suspense in France                                          99p
A Good Day for Jumping: mystery and suspense in Crete                                       £1.99

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My metaphysical horror story is free to download until 5th April.  Hope you enjoy it. viewBook.at/B009DFGNFO