Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A Groovy Education with Carol and Bev

Bev and Carol are characters from my two (soon to be three) humorous memoirs.  See right side panel.


Location, location, location.

Ten-minute walk onto campus (if late for lecture), twenty-minute stagger back, (if tipsy), circular never-ending maze (if under the influence of Southern Comfort).

Today, exploratory tour of campus (no alcohol). 

Wore bright blue velvet jacket over button-through checked maxi-dress and favourite platform sandals, bought from Dolcis’ during moment of spontaneity into which consideration of outrageous price did not enter.  Rocked myself there and clomped around library, having registered but forgotten to bring reading list. BIRDBRAIN!  Illustrious temple of learning and chewing gum more or less empty – Saturday, before lunchtime. 

Outside, weather behaving very well for October.  Scouted off, noting small but well-equipped laundrette, tiny superette selling produce at extortionate prices. Gasped at sixties monstrosity dominating quadrangle - leggy students’ union, den of iniquity and shrine to political busy-bodies. BRILLIANT!

Entered with intention of flouting authority. Glad of rainbow eye-shadow and ‘Polyblonde’ hair. Edgy.

Found pigeonhole with name on it, stuffed with welcoming literature (secretly pleased).

Notice boards advertising all manner of clubs/forthcoming events, (browse later). 

Behind stairs, treasure trove of games machines. Whines, screeches and bangs, squeak of soft shoes on linoleum - best collection of eye-candy in town. BOYS! Scruffy, hungover, oozing sex-appeal.  BAD!  -  obviously spent great deal of time drinking beer and killing aliens/blowing up cities.  Noted.

Up wide stairs and through to bar, murky/pungent even during day, unhealthy/sticky, EXCELLENT! Realised full potential would only be evident during hours of darkness.  Checked out jukebox for fave bands. LOADED. Resolved to return with bottle of cider, later. 

Visited gig/events room - soon to be favourite disco hothouse.  Congratulated self on very bloody good choice of educational establishment.

Wended way back to Room, tra la, via superette (rice pudding, Ambrosia - lunch). 

Full of joys of autumn, randomly hatching plan to befriend girl in next room (looked nice).

Rocked myself back to hall with enthusiasm.

DISASTER - beloved sandal (left foot) snapped in middle - nearly broke ankle/neck/wind.
Arrived bare-foot. Lay on bed, listening to ‘Rumours’ (Fleetwood Mac) being played in several rooms at same time/not at same time! 

Fabulous start to groovy education.

Brain sparkle.  Deep sigh of contentment.

To be continued …

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