Saturday, 23 June 2012

Bev and Carol on what to have for tea.

Carol excavates a molar.

'What shall we have for tea?' 

Bev looks up from her collection of poems by Baudelaire.

'These poems are amazing. There's one about his lover's hair.  Shall I-'

'It's in French!'

'Oh, yeah. Sorry.'

'Not Pop Tarts.'


'Anything but Pop bloody Tarts.'


'Or rice bloody pudding!'



'We need some bread from the shops.'


'And some butter.'


'And the toaster's broken.'

'What kind of Pop Tarts have we got?'

   'O shadows of fleece falling and billowing upon those bare
   Young shoulders! O rich perfume of forgetfulness!
   Ecstasy! To populate the evening 
   With memories hidden in this tumultuous mane,
   I long to shake it out like a handkerchief!'

Bev allows the words to resonate in the ensuing silence.

Carol stands up and regards her with an indifferent stare. 'On second thoughts, I'll get some lamb chops from the Co-op.'

She takes her purse and leaves.

'Don't forget the mint sauce!' Bev calls, before settling down with her book and curling a strand of hair around her finger.

This is not an extract from Bunny on a Bike.  (But it is the kind of conversation Bev and Carol might have.)


  1. You hooked me. I just bought Bunny on a Bike for my Kindle.

    1. So glad you liked it Patricia and I hope the rest of the book made you giggle.