Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Carol on Sting

I wanted to ask Carol what it was that attracted her to Sting.  She had never said very much about her feelings, and I was curious.  Could it be that she admired his ideas on Descartes’ concept of the duality of mind-body?  Did she share his concern for the political pressures of the Cold War and the nuclear threat?  Was it his background in Education and his reflections on Nabokov that she found so irresitible? 

I decided to ask her.

‘Carol, could you explain exactly what it is that makes Sting so special to you?’

She is buttering toast.  She pauses to look at me.  I know that her reply will be heartfelt.

‘Well, let me see,’ she licks her fingers and sits down at the kitchen table, scratching her inner thigh thoughtfully. ‘Yeah, I think it’s because he’s so bloody blond and drop dead gorgeous.  Oh, and bastard rich, too.’

She is a maths graduate.  I should have remembered.

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