Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Just Testing


I’ve written a book about the time I spent working for Playboy in 1981.  It’s about the experiences of Bev (that’s me – more or less) and Carol (more of a fictional character, to be honest – didn’t think that my real pal would want to appear in something I’d written).

‘Who are you calling fictional, you silly tart?’

‘Well, you are!  How would you describe yourself, then?’

‘Solid,’ she has missed the point.

‘You’re missing the point!’

‘No, I’m not.  You’ve told lots of lies about yourself.  What makes you any more real than me?’

This is how it is with Carol and Bev.  They are best friends.  The adventures they have at the Edgware Road casino are based on true events, but I’ll admit that I might possibly have cast them in rather a good light from time to time.

‘I’d like to know where!’ Carol is in a huff.

‘Well, you are the funny one – everyone says so, and the most likeable.’

‘Yeah, and you get the gorgeous boyfriend – I get Dave.  Where did he come from?’

‘What’s wrong with Dave?’  This is a stupid question, because there is quite a lot wrong with Dave, and Carol answers it with one of her looks.

Anyway, if you have time, take a look at the first couple of chapters on Amazon Kindle.  You might like it.

‘Of course they will!’  It’s Carol again.  She seems to be serious. There must be a catch.

‘Thanks, Carol.  You’re a real-’

‘If they are as deranged as you are!'

She may have a point, but I’m hoping you’ll ignore her and have a look anyway.
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