Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Free Short Story and a Bargain Full-length Novel

Hanson's Hunch 

A five-star review from top Amazon reviewer C. Lahain:

A detective tries to solve a series of murders where the victims have no obvious relationship to one another.

This is a short, suspenseful work. Spicer packs a lot of character and action into it. The motive behind the killings isn't something I've seen before. Detective Hanson remains something of an enigma throughout the piece. We get the sense of a complicated and gifted intellect, and the tiny peek into his home life hints at an abundance of warmth buried under the all-business exterior. I would have loved even more of this personal side as a contrast to the nightmare going on around them.

The end comes as a big surprise. I'm still not sure how I feel about it...very mixed emotions for reasons anyone who reads it will understand. However, this resolution did add a nice splash of dark humor.

Free until 30th March

My Grandfather's Eyes 

With an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars for 25 reviews, this is a book that you can get your teeth into. 

Here's what reviewers say:

'The protagonist in this novel is Alex Crane who must surely be a contender for one of the most selfish, self-centred and egotistical characters of twenty first century fiction so far. Even though she is such an unpleasant character her story is completely riveting and you become totally absorbed in her life.'

‘My Grandfather’s Eyes is an adult, psychological suspense story, written in a masterful, unforced style by an author who writes powerfully about the hidden desires human beings may harbour, despite their unattainability. For me, it was difficult to get into initially, probably because I was hung up on the author’s previous work and expecting a few wry sitcom moments, but I’m glad I persisted – it is a wonderful work of readable ‘literature’ and a terrific achievement. It deserves every one of the five stars I have no hesitation in awarding. I hope the author writes more works with the same insights into human nature.'

'A much darker tale than Bunny on a Bike, this tale shows a different facet of Bev's skill as a writer. Wonderful use of language! And complex relationships described in detail. The main character Alex had large moles on her face and this made her more real to me as I am not enamoured of cliched, excessively beautiful characters. An excellent read that kept me transfixed to the end.'

Just 99p/99c until 28th March

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