Sunday, 9 March 2014

Carol and Bev - an update

If only life were this easy!

I've been putting it off for too long and today, as I started to wonder how I would be able to post a new episode of 'A Groovy Education' that was worth reading, the answer came to me: If you think it's possible, you're demented.  So, here's episode eleven...

Not really!  I do listen to good advice sometimes, even when it's my own.  

Just to fill you in, so you don't think I'm skiving, here in sunny France (26 degrees today), this is what I am currently up to (when not sipping cocktails by the pool or having suntan lotion massaged into my perfectly formed body)...

Like most people who write, apart from having an excellent imagination (see above), I have a fair amount of material stored away in various drawers, boxes and, more recently, in files on my computer. Some of it should not, and never will see the light of day, but I recently discovered a number of short stories, some of which seem to be quite good.  I'm presuming I wrote them, as they have my name on them.  Anyway, I've decided on six of the best (don't worry that's not going to be the title), and am having fun editing and cleaning them up.  Of course, now I'm involved in the art of short story writing again, I've started having ideas for more, so I have to get them down, which means I am constantly opening and closing files, racing along with 'Peaches in the Attic' at one moment and suddenly darting off to work on 'Strings' at another.  Or 'Sap', or 'Night Caller'.  Not to mention the stories I have no titles for.  So, that's one thing I'm up to.

Another reason I'm going to have to discontinue the Bev and Carol posts for a while is that I am attempting to get all three humorous memoirs published in new paperback editions with CreateSpace.  You can imagine what fun that will be.

Slightly less arduous, is my plan to get 'Angels' (a tried and tested short story already on Amazon) uploaded onto Smashwords and offer it free on all platforms.  As a tester.  How difficult could it be?  Well, the instructions for formatting come in a hundred page booklet and involve alarmingly intimate interference with my computer's settings.  Settings which, once altered, may never be the same again.  You guessed it - I'll have to be shown what to do by someone who knows.  Deep reverence and gratitude to the lucky man who is my husband.

Enough?  But what about the three books I'm writing?  One funny one, one character-driven mystery and one science fiction (this last one scares the hell out of me - I have to invent a whole new world!).

So, I'd be extremely grateful if you could let me off my Bev and Carol posts, until I've built up a good supply of properly written and edited episodes.  Which I will definitely do at some point.

Oh, and I forgot to add that this blog is a mess and will have to be redesigned from top to bottom and side to side.

Thanks for visiting.  There will be new posts when I have something to say.  I'll let you know via Twitter, as usual.  In the meantime, have a very happy Sunday evening and remember to put some milk in the fridge for the morning cereals (or is that just me?).

A bientรดt.


  1. I'll look forward to the new design, Bev. By the way, have you ever looked at They give you wider coverage than Create Space. I've found it frustrating here in NL that Create Space books are only available through Amazon. I prefer to buy through the Book Depository (free postage) or (the NL site) and it doesn't work with Create Space, but by using, my books are available on all the online stores.

  2. Thanks so much for this, Val. I'll look into it. Better to know before than after!