Monday, 3 March 2014

A Groovy Education with Bev and Carol

Episode Ten

Netball match disaster.  Mini bus arrived late and Janice (captain), not pleased.  Got lost.  Janice still not pleased. Surly greeting at College by MAMMOTH opposition.  Janice exercised self-restraint. Lots of eyeballing.

Changed into kit and realised had forgotten regulation knickers.  Not quite G string, but close. Would have to do.  Girl marking me similar to annoying and very hefty shadow of  orangutan.  Hairy, orange, moustachioed mammal with size ten feet.  No love lost, but… 

Lost face, lost tempers, lost match.  Carol aglow with indignation.  Language on bus back, inventive.

Back to Room to commence essay on use of imagery in Chaucer.  Went to sleep by accident.  Still two days before deadline.  Bleached roots, waited for Carol for nighttime sortie. 

Gig at Union.  UB40 (never heard of them), plus support. 

Wore white crepe blouse as dress, black shiny leggings, silver headband and dangly earrings.  Had eaten nothing all day.  Excellently flat stomach.  Carol in stretch jeans and boob-tube (borrowed from me).  Staggeringly beautiful. 

Onto campus.  Freezing to death.  Cider and boogie warmed us up until arrival of support band.  Spotted lead guitar player and formulated plan. 

Had it.  Flaunted it. 

Pursued by rock god and invited to London following month – to recording studios.  Put phone number in pocket and spent rest of evening with James.  Blonder than me, taller than me, more gorgeous than me, more besotted than me.  Result!

Carol with Dave. 

Great evening.

Saw drop-dead gorgeous Jerry and scary serial stalker John.  Regrets and relief in equal quantities.  Magpie tendencies quelled due to non-stop devotion of new musical friend.

Next morning wrote essay in two hours.  Unfortunately, received appalling grade.  Unsupported drivel, apparently.  Must do better. 

Happy days.

To be continued…

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