Monday, 10 February 2014

We’re spreading the love this Valentine’s day. Ten fabulous (and mostly chick-lit) authors have teamed up to offer you an amazing ebook promo. See below to download FREE or hugely discounted bestselling books. Valentine’s Day only.

 One Summer in France - FREE today only! Amazon Humour and Memoir bestseller. From the author of 'Bunny on a Bike' (humorous memoir of a Playboy croupier) 'The writing is intelligent with beautiful use of language interlaced with humour.' promoimageBS Download now - UK Download now - US  

It’s Got to Be Perfect- FREE - today only! #1 Amazon Bestseller (Humour) #1 Amazon Hot New Releases 'A hilarious page-turner!' HaleyCoverAPPROVED Download now - US Download now - UK  

Dating a Cougar - FREE today! 'This book kept me laughing the whole time!' Promocover-DM Download now - UK Download now - US

  Real Chick lit for Real Chicks - Box set only $0.99 Today! 'Meredith Schorr is such a witty author. She brings heart and humor to every story she tells.' promoimageMS Download now - UK Download now - US

Conditional Love - Today only $0.99! 'A witty, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with a protagonist you'll love and I highly recommend it!' Miranda Dickinson promoimageCB Download now - UK Download now - US

 Whiskey and Gumdrops - Today only $0.99! 'This was a fantastic story of love, loyalty, and patience. A must read!' promoimageJO Download now - UK Download now - US

The Girlfriend Experience - an autobiography. Today only $0.99 'I really enjoyed reading Rebecca's book and admire her candour and honesty.' -- Richard E Grant promoimage RD Download now - UK Download now - US

Head Over Heels (A chick lit novel about love, friendship...and shoes)- Today only $0.99 promoimageSD1 Download now - UK Download now - US

Carved in Stone - FREE today! 'A refreshing and unapologetic look at love after fifty' promoimageDM2 Download now - UK Download now - US

What Stays in Vegas - FREE - today only! "What Stays in Vegas is a quirky, fun, chick lit novel written by someone who has seen it all firsthand in the corporate world - a self-professed "worst best secretary you'll ever have the pleasure of reluctantly doing business with." - Chick-Lit promoimageBL Download now - UK Download now - US

Finding Lucas - Today only $0.99! '...extremely well written and I really enjoyed the comedic aspect of it. I hated having to put the book down and couldn't wait to find out what happened next.' -- Marlene Engel, Chick Lit Central promoimageSB Download now - UK Download now - US

Urban Venus - Today only $0.99! 'The city just lifts off the pages of this delightful novel' promoimageSD Download now - UK Download now - US

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