Monday, 24 February 2014

A Groovy Education with Bev and Carol

Episode Nine

Back after Christmas.  Straight to Carol’s. 

Welcome back boogie night on the cards.  All manner of lycra and boob tubage.  On the lookout.  Delicious boy with curly dark hair – T Rex type.  Detected interest.  Carol also besotted.  Awkward.  Said she could have friend – tall, blond and gormless type.  Wore mixed fibre jacket (what!) and clean jeans with sharp crease (really?). 

Grapevine info less than encouraging:  Boy named Jerry, music student, attached, far too good looking and knew it.  

Carol poured large bottle of cider down neck and grinned FOREVER.  Went to watch boys on Battle Star Galactica machine.  Nice buns.

First sighting of Dave – Carol disappeared.  Fateful snog in men’s toilets. 

Sidled up to by John.  Didn’t like him much.  Too cocky. Penetrating stare. Not easy to shake off.  Deemed a dish by Carol.  Couldn’t see it.  Invited me to room to drink champagne.  Had picture of girlfriend by bed.  Showed me his willy (I didn’t ask to see it).  HUGE. 

Back to bar.  Told Carol – almost died laughing.

Played hide and seek in Union building, cider induced puerile behaviour.  Ended up being entertained by Rugby club.  Crass nudity (theirs).  Sobering.

Skipped home.  One turned ankle.  La di da!  Carol almost run over by bicycle. HILARIOUS. 

Scary trees.   

Cold. Brrrr!

Tea required and much lounging.  Tittered and impersonated lecturers between splutterings.  Carol passed out on bed clutching phone number from Dave.   

I ate it.

Went to Room – ate Big Soup from small can.  Nasty.

Woke up late for Astronomy class.  Staggered in to find Prof.  not there (infected). Much cursing.  Staggered back and slept.

Bliss.  Microbes I love you!

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