Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Short excerpt from Bunny on a Bike

South of France dream goddess bikini

We were shown into a curtained changing room and told to put on our swimwear.  There were girls everywhere, exposing various parts of their generally perfect bodies.  I wished I hadn’t eaten so much at breakfast and wondered whether I too should have topped up with some fungal-smelling Quicktan.  Carol got a Bic razor out of her bag and did a tidy up of her bikini line much to the horror of a tall Italian-looking girl who was stuffing paper into her bikini top.

‘Did you bring the yellow one?’  Carol asked.

‘Of course.’  It was my South of France dream-goddess bikini, which had won general acclaim at ‘La Sirene Camping’ the previous summer.  Guaranteed to get you noticed, although not yet tested in an interview situation.


‘Now, now.  No seething in public.  Did you bring your space-girl bikini?’


She did.’ I nodded towards a girl wearing a silver two-piece with an intricate choker arrangement around her neck.  Very Barbarella.

‘God, look at my blotches!  These mirrors must be wrong.’  Carol was examining the fronts of her thighs, which looked as though they had been tie-died.

I pondered the idea of wrong mirrors.

‘Viviana, please!’  The Italian-looking girl was in fact Italian and she was next.  She turned and gave us what can only be described as a deprecating sneer, stepped gracefully through the curtains and disappeared with her perfect ass in tow.

‘Did you see her cellulite?’  Carol scowled.

‘No?’ I said.

‘Neither did I.’

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