Wednesday, 18 July 2018

New Release - Download Hit and Run using the link below.

Here's what readers are saying:

'UnputdownableAmazon reviewer

'I found myself wondering what was happening with the characters while I was at work, or driving (you know those times when you can't just pick up the book to find out!).'  Amazon reviewer

'It kept me guessing as to how all the clues would pan out and kept me turning the pages.' Amazon reviewer


I’m excited to announce the publication of my second Alice Candy novel.

It’s been a real test of endurance, having needed one major re-write and several drafts, all because characters grew, sprouted their own personalities and refused to be sidelined.  So we have, in no particular order, a handsome Reverend, a talented artist and her wild, dysfunctional sister, a dodgy-dealing ex-husband, an enigmatic lord of the manor and his equally intriguing staff, a missing teenage boy, and of course the very distinctive and unorthodox DCI Alice Candy, not forgetting her sharp and pragmatic sidekick, DS Will Brady.

One cold January morning, the day begins with a brutal hit and run at Breton Manor, but Alice quickly discovers there is much more to this case than meets the eye.  And so we embark on a tale of complicity and deception, of red herrings and strange twists, only to find ourselves at the end of another cul de sac. 

Tantalising and  complex, Hit and Run is the kind of novel that will keep you guessing until the end.  A full-blooded crime-mystery for readers who love characters they can believe in and a plot that seeks to outfox them.

Available as an ebook for the moment.  Paperback version to follow.

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Locked Away

When you have to outwit your captor to survive...

Readers' comments: 

'A page turner.'
'A quick, tense read.'
'Character, conflict, and a unique new sleuth.'

The first Alice Candy novel, Locked Away, is very different in tone, having been originally conceived as a New Adult novel.  It has been re-worked and revised, but remains much more dramatic and at times hysterical, as the main protagonist is a girl in her early twenties, Ellie Braintree, who has been kidnapped on her birthday and finds herself in the cellar of a house, terrified in the darkness that surrounds her.  She is, however, no pushover and soon begins to put her quick mind to use to work out who her captor is and how to get the better of him or her and escape.

Things take an extraordinary turn when a second victim arrives, cold and terrified, crouched in the shadows, too scared to say a word.

Ellie needs all her strength and intelligence to cope with this new challenge.  Now, there are two lives at stake.

Alice Candy needs all her skills to find the cellar room before it’s too late. 

Available as an ebook or in paperback.

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