Saturday, 17 October 2015

October Madness!

On the publication of my new collection of short stories 'Thirteen', I'm offering four individual stories FREE until 20th October.  If you want more - there are eight previously unpublished stories in my new collection, priced at just £1.99.


In the meantime, get your FREE stories here.  There's something for everyone:

'Peaches in the Attic' is a disturbing tale involving a grandmother and her granddaughter.  Forget the usual cosy image of sitting on your grandmother's knee listening to fairy stories.  This time the story is not so sugar sweet.  What's more, it's difficult to know where imagination ends and reality begins.


'Angels' is a suspenseful and atmospheric story.  A mother is driven to revenge after the death of her daughter, provoked by bullying at school.


'Strings' is for those who enjoy science fiction, end of the world scenarios. Will anyone believe Maddy's visions?  What do they mean?  And will there be time to take action?


'Flying' is my newest short story.  Nelly lives at the foot of a mountain and loves to watch the gliders soaring the ridge.  Her parents have divorced and she deals with the emotional fallout in her own magical, childlike way.


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