Wednesday, 30 September 2015

"This clever story twists and turns...

...moving from Greece to London and back again, and is full of surprises.The wonderfully well drawn character of Joyce Shackleton will make you gasp. I became completely absorbed in the plot and couldn't put the book down."   Amazon reviewer

I'm offering 'A Good Day for Jumping' at the very popular price of 99p until 7th October.  For my American readers it's just 99c.

I lived on the island of Crete for two years and this is the setting for a drama that plays out between millionaire Steve Firth (born Stephano) and the people he comes into contact with along the way.  He may be rich and handsome, but he has a lot to learn about the human condition and, indeed, his behaviour is morally reprehensible to most people. However, he is still susceptible to integrity, if it hits him between the eyes. When he comes into contact with Roula, he finds himself fascinated by her.  She is poor but ambitious, and willing to sacrifice her dreams for her family.

Steven Firth has a tangled history.  His mother is Greek and his father an advertising tycoon.  The love of his life, May, cannot hold him.  Fast cars and fast women have always been easy options.  Crass, and resolutely egocentric, he may trample on the very people who can help him in his subconscious quest for genuine emotional attachment.

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