Saturday, 27 April 2013

Carol and Bev on 'Why does cake taste sooo good?'

Carol and Bev are characters from 'One Summer in France' and 'Bunny on a Bike'.  They like to answer questions left for them on Bev's blog.  This one comes from Carol Hedges

Carol:  What's the question today, you lovely tart?
Bev:  Today's question comes from Carol Hedges and is: 'Why does cake taste sooo good?'

Carol:  That's a stupid question.
Bev:     I don't think so.  It depends how you look at it. Anyway, that's very rude!
Carol:  God! You always have to be complicated.  There are questions that are scientific and stupid ones.      Simple!
Bev:    Okay.  Then let's be scientific my little Devonshire piranha.
(Carol sighs)
Bev:    Shall I start?
(Carol sighs, again)
Bev:     It's not completely to do with taste buds.  I did a lesson on it once in Greece, when I was teaching.
Carol:   What?
Bev:     I did a lesson-
Carol:  Yes! I know! I was just wondering how grateful your students must have been, and how anything you ever taught in Greece could be said to be scientific. 
Bev:    Well, they were, actually, and it was.  It was in one of the English text books.  Can't remember which one.  There were some pictures of food.  I remember, there was blue soup, some red gravy and a big green cake... it was to show us that our food has to look appetising for it to taste good.
Carol:   Something to do with not eating manky soup, or mouldy cake.  Do they have gravy in Greece?
Bev:     Yes!  Exactly. And no, they don't. But that's not important.
Carol:   Astounding. (Carol yawns).
Bev:     Well, I thought it was, because the cake actually tasted really nice in the tests they did.  They made people taste blindfolded and unblindfolded.
Carol:   That's not a word!
Bev:     I know.  Anyway, the ones who couldn't see what they were eating thought it tasted nice.  And the ones-
Carol:   -who could see that it was green, didn't, obviously.
Bev:     I was just trying to say that taste isn't just to do with taste buds.
Carol:   You know you already said that?  Did you know we have 10,000 of them? 
Bev:     Yes.
Carol:   And that they die as we age, until we have none left at all and can't be bothered to eat anything, so we die.
Bev:     That's not true.
Carol:   They harden and detach themselves, roll off into our stomachs and turn into marbles.  The rare, blue ones.
Bev:     Really.
Carol:   Then you can fire them out of-
Bev:      -I think we get the picture!  Finished?

Carol:   My granddad tried to eat a washing up sponge once.  Thought it was a cod in butter sauce.  Said it was a bit chewy.
Bev:     Did you stop him?
Carol:  No, he was enjoying it to start with.
(Bev stares.)
Bev:     Anyway.  Getting back to cake.  It only tastes good if it's the right colour and you still have some taste buds left.
Carol:   And a sense of smell.
Bev:     And a sense of smell, granted.
Carol:  And someone who knows how to make a cake.
Bev:     Anyone can make a cake!
Carol:  Now, that's where you are sadly mistaken.  My auntie Doris turns butter, sugar, eggs and flour into shrapnel.  Uncle Horace had no teeth left by the time he was thirty.
Bev:    Anything else?
Carol:  I'm sure I can think of something...

Bev:    Tea?
Carol:  Any cake?
Bev:    Better ask Carol Hedges to send us one, she always has loads hanging around.
Carol:  Be doing her a favour.
Bev:    Exactly.
Carol:  Tell her any colour except green.

If you have a question for Bev and Carol, please feel free to leave it at the end of this post.


  1. Haha. Very funny, as always. But Cake? Yuck.

  2. Blame Carol, not me! Anyway, I like cake, mostly.

  3. This is just a brilliant... cake coming your way, l;adies, but I may have to tweet it.... thank you!!!

    1. Thanks for the question. Never would have thought of it myself.

  4. This is the stuff of legend. Congratulations. I'm going to howl, howl, howl all day now!

    1. Glad it made you laugh. Enjoyed writing it.

  5. Cake love it, so much so, I've penned this little ditty for the ladies...

    I confess I do love cake
    And worship those who bake
    A slice from the tin
    My vice, my sin
    But one I can’t forsake

    1. Thanks for the rhyme, Tim. Sounds as though you are a lost cause where cake is concerned:)

  6. I like the sound of Tim!! I think a lot of him. He takes time to bake a rhyme about cake...and shares it with the dim (me not you)!