Monday, 25 February 2019

Prequel to Bunny on a Bike - and my dream goddess bikini...

Bev in 1979 at Argeles-sur-mer in her dream goddess bikini (worn later for her job 'interview' at Playboy...yes, I know, please don't judge me!)

Carol and Bev met at Keele University in the north of England in October 1977.  They had no idea that they would be firm friends for the duration of their courses and beyond. In fact, no-one could have foreseen such a pairing.

Carol is matter-of-fact, down-to-earth and a no-holds-barred kind of girl, whereas Bev is prone to over-thinking, loves literature and thrives on the random workings of the human mind.

The prequel to Bunny on a Bike has taken me back to my youth once more, to a time when government grants enabled most people, who were able, to go to universtity without taking out a substantial loan and when, at the end of a degree course, you could more or less count on getting a good job.

Bev and Carol went through a lot together, the good and the bad, the memorable and the forgettable.  One Summer in France is based on the three months I spent with Carol in France in the summer of 1979 as part of my French studies.  It was one of the most rewarding and diverse periods of my life and, although the book reflects the youthful flippancy we attached to life, it also seeks to dig deeper into those moments when the human mind discovers the layers which lie beneath, be it through literature, people-watching, food-poisoning or nude sunbathing.

Our trip was hugely entertaining and, in retrospect, we were hilariously naive. It's been great fun to write and I hope you get lots of enjoyment from what must be some fairly universal experiences!

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