Friday, 21 December 2012

Alternative to Amazon

I think I must be a little slow, as I've only just heard about Amazon's rather sudden move to exclude/delete reviews of books by fellow authors. 

I do think that there must be some dishonest practices going on and that some authors are benefitting from somehow 'fixing' their ratings.  But, I do take exception to the idea of penalising a whole section of Amazon customers, who happen to write as well as read books. 

I don't want to get involved in who's right and who's wrong or whether it is acceptable to ban a whole group of people from using the Amazon site to read and review books.  I am sure, however, that if a system becomes too tedious to use, then people will turn elsewhere.

My husband emailed me a link that you might find interesting, either now or in the future.  See what you think.  And apologies if this is old news to most of you.

I hope it's not the end of Indie authors on Amazon, but there are alternatives if it is and this is one that looks very good to me:

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