Friday, 16 November 2012

Promotion results for Bunny on a Bike

Promoting Bunny on a Bike.

First of all I’d like to thank the ubiquitous and exquisite Terry Tyler for telling me how to use the Connect page! 

Then, I’d like to thank everyone else who helped me get my book noticed.  There are so many names going through my head that it makes me dizzy.  THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!

As for the results – my book was downloaded a total of 640 times, 410 of these in the UK.  Bunny achieved a UK general ranking of 114, was no. 1 in biographies and memoirs and no. 3 in humour.  I even knocked Miranda off her perch!  Not, for long, obviously – she’s bigger than me, and funnier.

I met some great people, who made me feel less like falling asleep on my keyboard as the hours went on and on and on…  You were all funny, enthusiastic, imaginative and kind, not to mention wonderfully weird just when I needed you to be. 

 I think there are lots of people on Twitter who thrive on helping others – very humbling.  I shall do my best to reciprocate even more and generally pull my finger out in the future.

I’ve made a summary of my promotional experience:

Negative points:

Blurred vision, numb bum, stiff fingers, bored husband, unfed children, unwashed laundry, unwritten book, gormless expression, wrote down lots of stuff that I didn't need to and (you guessed it) didn't write down lots of stuff that I did need to.

Positive points:

Got to know some brilliant people, had a good laugh, learned a lot about promotional websites, lost at least two kilos (didn’t have time to eat or drink), saved on soap, deodorant and toothpaste (nasty).

Oh, and 640 people have my book.  Some of them might read it, some might like it.  I might get that funny feeling in my tummy when I read a new good review.  (Let’s not talk about the bad ones I might get!)  And perhaps I will sell a few more books in the future.  Or a million.  Or a billion.  You never know!  Anything is possible:  all the photons in a room could accumulate in one corner – I read about it.  

So, now that I am refreshed, relaxed and looking forward to dinner, I suppose I’d better stop doing this and go and cook it!


  1. I'm so glad it went well for you. Love this post, your hilarious . Would you do it again Bev?

  2. Thanks Kim. Yes, I will do it again and again and... but not too frequently! I'm planning to do the next one for My Grandfather's Eyes (my other book on Amazon). It's not a funny one, more of a mystery/psychological drama with some interesting characters. Bit creepy. Ha! Nice to meet you:)