Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Living and Writing

There are many ways to write a book.

I tried storyboarding once.  I laid my story out like a patient on an operating table and fiddled with it until it died.  Now I keep everything between my ears and listen carefully while I clean the cooker and pack the fridge.  While I ferry food and cheer at football matches.

When the beautiful but fragile first draft is done I let it rest.  I leave it to get stronger while I try for a family picnic, or a trip to the beach with cold beer and sun.

When it calls me back I ignore it.  Until (I tell myself) I have forgotten it. Then I gently shake it to see what life is left.  To see what surgery is needed.  And, before you can say 'it's nearly Christmas' a year has passed and the story sits up and smiles.

Living and writing - I want both.

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